Le plus beau coucher de soleil

By zonoff, May 15, 2009

Le plus beau coucher de soleil is a book and a dvd co-edited by Zonoff, activeRat and dasein
This is the edition of 14 videos presented on 1 May 2008 by Zonoff in Geneva
These films are accompanied by a book of 428 pages in which are reproduced 14 successive frames of each video

With Angela Marzullo, Renaud Marchand, Eleonora Polato, Elia Buletti, Filippo Vannini, Héloïse Thibault, Olmo Guadagnoli, Jonathan Frigeri, Joëlle Flumet, Laura Solari, Laurent Schmid, Olivia Croce, Juju et Piupiu, Stéphanie Pfister, Plinio-Natale Cemento-Müller, Victor Konwicky

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