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The Annotations of the IIRRM

November 18, 2021

The IIRRM Annotations, is a journal of Zonoff’s ‘Institut de Recherche sur la Radio et la Magie’, which we edit and publish together with them. It is published twice a year and contains texts and images around questions of magick and radio. Issue #1 is about conspiracy theories as an artistic form, about fear and […]


Ombra Magnetica

November 18, 2021

Jonathan Frigeri, Eleonora Polato – Ombra Magnetica This record of Ombra Magnetica co-edited with Activerat, goes back to a residency by Eleonora Polato at the Q-O2 in Brussels and a project that she realised there together with Jonathan Frigeri in 2016. Now the vinyl record is available, together with a beautiful text by Julia Eckhardt. […]



January 3, 2021

Box set Collector Special Edition of 100 ro-dubbed C90 double cassette On-body prints & unique rainbow covers A co-production by Zonoff and Zamzamrec Whats’s happen when Lullabies bloom from experimental, sound pioneers, eclectic visionary artists? Zonoff & Zamzamrec invited close/orbiting musicians to celebrate children’s sleeping time.
They collected 180 minutes of new music and compiled a […]



August 15, 2018

Fieldrecording hechos en Colombia entre 2015 y 2016 Henry Deletra Hanna Con canciones y música de:Maima Kaewa (Sicuani) Taita Rodolfo Giagrekudo (Uitoto) Taita Clemante Gaitan (Sicuani) Napkka Taita Julio Piaguaje (Zio Bain) Taita Domingo Cuatindioy (Inga) May 5, 2018 Authors: Henry Deletra Hanna Cover artwork: Henry Deletra Hanna Produced at Radio Picnic Brussels Length: 2 […]


Mensa Sonora

December 11, 2017

Celebrating six years of Radio Picnic Mensa Sonora is a book with cooking recipes and sound from the Radio Picnic’s artists A cook book with recipes and sound by: Alexandre Joly, David Liver, Gian Paolo Minelli, Henry Deletra, Gianmaria Zanda, Julien Maret, Laura Solari, Valentina Pini & Micha Seidenberg, Giordano Rush & Camilla Ranouchka, Christophe […]


Alliance Culinaire

May 8, 2017

Prehistoric, Traditional, Folkloristic Music Dj set on PiRadio Berlin 88.MhZ Broadcasting live from Radio Picnic Bxl Mai 2016 Authors: Christophe Piette and Johnny Haway Cover artwork: Children of the Agossou-Legonou family Abomey, Benin Photo: Selene Mauvis Produced at Radio Picnic Brussels Length: 2 x 30 min 30 copies 7€


Afrika Moto

March 5, 2017

Afrika Moto est un établissement légendaire, dirigé par TonTon Roger, situé à 50 mètres des abattoirs d’Anderlecht à Bruxelles. Depuis 1994 la diaspora Congolaise se retrouve tous les vendredis et samedis pour y écouter de la rumba congolaise jouée live. Les chansons sont chantées en Lingalà. Enregistré live la nuit du 12 Mars 2016 à […]



October 24, 2016

That’s like that kind of game where children don’t step on the tile lines because they are afraid of bad luck. Others call the same game (OCD) obsessive-compulsive disorder. Authors: Valentina Pinic & Micha Seidenberg Produced at Radio Picnic Brussels Length: 2 x 8 min 10 copies 5€


Calle Record Vol.1

July 23, 2016

Calle Record Vol.1 Compilation of music played on the streets of: Paris, Madrid, Geneva, Bogota, Istanbul, Havana, NewYork, Athens, Nepal, Basel, Berlin, L’Escala. Calle Record is particularly interested in the contexts in which these performances take place. The place of recording, its resonances, its contaminations with the sounds of everyday life (people, animals, mechanical, industrial […]



February 18, 2016

4 cartes, 4 personnages, un bouquet de coquillages… Dans la grotte où tout résonne… Il a des flûtes, un dauphin, une clarinette… Il a des machines avec et sans épines… Voyage et improvisation, boutures musicales, qui donnent de nouveaux fruits – magiques ! Rencontre des âmes et des sons, pour une création radiophonique ou Symphonie […]



February 3, 2016

Johnny Haway Leftfield electronica, exotica, psyche Recorded at SMOG in Brussels January 2016 Length: 2 x 30 min 5 copies 10€


Mantra for house plants

January 24, 2016

At the end of experiment, plants exposed to Ravi Shankar’s East Indian sitar lean toward the sound and grow more luxuriantly than the control plants, wrote Dorothy Retallak in The sound of music and plants (1973). So at breakfast we decide to build a a radiomenu of dozen mantras for the houseplants. From the abandoned […]


Disque Mucosite

November 2, 2015

Johnny Haway Tribal leftfield electronica, hypnagogic psychedelism. Lenght 2 x 15 min Cover art by Selly 10 copies 5€



October 26, 2015

Extemporaneous composition by Alexandre Joly & Johnny Haway recorded in the picnic’s grotto in Berlin – 2014 Looper, Electric Motor, Gong, Ventilator, Sticks, Musicbox, Strings, Voices, Organ… Saleve & Certara psylociba summit Lenght 2 x 25 min Cover art by AJ 20 copies 7€


A possibility (one of many)

October 9, 2015

Tape release of the radio residence made during April 2015 at Radio Picnic in Bruxelles. Francisco Meirino Length 2 X 15 min Musique concrete, fieldrecording, composition, low tech gear Cover art by FM 40 copies SOLD OUT Source recordings were conducted in the basement at Radio Picnic headquarters in Brussels, among all the gear available, […]


Dinette Imparfaite

March 8, 2015

MixTape recorded in March 2015 at Radio Picnic, Bruxelles Soundcollage composed by Alex Baladi from forgotten and rediscovered tape & vinyl. lenght: 60 min Tape release 13 copies 7€  


Last Romantics

December 4, 2014

Tape recorded in March 2014 at Radio Picnic, Berlin All songs were written and performed by Last Romantics Last Romantics are born from a lucky encounter between a Swiss-Italian guitarist and a Russian singer, in some obscure bar in Berlin FABIO BESOMI: Guitars and effects, Glockenspiel JEVGENIJ TUROVSKIY: Guitars, Keys, Bells, Voice Cover photo: Lisa […]


Conference of the birds

June 17, 2014

The tape Conference of the Birds is a Razoff production, and goes back to a Zonoff/Picnic project with the same name, a radio show during the 48 hours Neukölln Festival Berlin in 2012 Artists: Delmore Fx, TriPhaze, Johnny Haway, Indias Indios, Trema, Knifeloop, Urged Genres: Compilation, Experimental Electronic, Field Recordings 7€ Or order on Staalplaat  


Zonoff Café

December 13, 2009

This DVD is our second co-edition between activeRat, Dasein and Zonoff. The works were shown at Labo, Geneva in Summer 2009 in a internet-café style display called “Zonoff Café”. This event was organized by (hyperactive & bubbling over with ideas) Mr. Zonoff himself. All these works are now available on the DVD-Rom for Computer “Zonoff […]


Le plus beau coucher de soleil

May 15, 2009

Le plus beau coucher de soleil is a book and a dvd co-edited by Zonoff, activeRat and dasein This is the edition of 14 videos presented on 1 May 2008 by Zonoff in Geneva These films are accompanied by a book of 428 pages in which are reproduced 14 successive frames of each video With […]


The Wild Tape

October 15, 2007

Memorial of The Wild Festival 2007 Tape release 100 copie Sold out Click on artist’s name to listen