Angela Marzullo: Makita en Indochine
  Eleonora Polato: Sei come la mia moto
  F.E.C.: Swisscube 09
  F.E.C.: Revendications
  Filippo Vannini: in girum / shopping #2
  Frank Westermeyer & Sylvie Boisseau: Ça plane pour moi
  Hêloïse Thibault: S_t
  Hervé Graumann: EZmodel
  Joëlle Flumet: La balle est dans votre camp.
  Jonathan Frigeri: Promenade au bord du lac
  Juju & Piupiu: Ziffel & Kalle
  Karen Alphonso: The long way
  Laura Solari: Sean Penn Wins for "Milk" Acceptance Speech
  Laurent Schmid: The tribolo-electric series
  Marie Velardi: Mille Lunes
  Oheun Lee: Geneva the city of the flower clock
  Olivia Croce & Scott Radnor: Neck-Bite
  Olmo Guadagnoli: Paura Minimale
    Patrick Tschudi: The future is clear
Now playing: No explicit gains in cordial rubric / Caspar Sawyer / 19'06'' / 2009   Pekka Ruuska: Part 1
    Pekka Ruuska: Part 2
No Explicit Gains in Cordial Rubric is an abstract video piece whereby the imagery is generated from the lyrics to the song 'Blowin' in the Wind' by Bob Dylan. It is part of an ongoing series of works created with custom software developed by the Artist.

Caspar Sawyer lives and works in London.

  Plinio-Natale Cemento-Müller: The Party of Odd
  Sergio Gio: Maizena