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Calle Record

By zonoff, October 15, 2014

Project for an interactive archive of street music
Calle record is an online archive project that intends to develop, through a multimedia platform, the recording, documentation and accessibility of music played in public spaces
The goal is to create the biggest possible archive of musical heritage. This information makes it possible to analyze the cultural and political influences (migration influxes, colonization) as well as centuries-old traditions, right from the birth of street music
Aside from the musical analyses, Calle Record is particularly interested in the contexts in which these performances take place
The place of recording, its resonances, its contamination with the sounds of everyday life are a key factor. These elements often give life to new and unique compositions, sometimes accidentally, which can be surprisingly innovative and which above all contextualize the music in a specific geographical, political, social and historical moment.

Founder: Daniel Kemeny and Jonathan Frigeri