The Random Jukebox

May 3, 2023

The Random Jukebox is a jukebox with only one choice! Push a bottom and you will get a song, but you don’t know which one! The playlist adapts to specific events. A partnership with Arc en Ciel Electronique


Belvédère Sonore Geneva

October 18, 2021

Après avoir fait résonner 10 œuvres d’art publiques dans la tête de 10 musiciens-nes genevoi-ses pour sa première édition, Belvédère Sonore rapplique avec une nouvelle cuvée déversée autour du même concept. Musique de: – Cyril Cyril et KLAT sur la sculpture Frankie de KLAT – Gabriel Zufferey sur la sculpture Moon de Not Vital – […]


Bélvèdere Sonore pour la radio

September 27, 2021

Belvédère Sonore version pour la radio, est la suite du projet éponyme qui prende lieu sur le territoire de la ville de Genève. Cette version radiophonique, mais bien évidemment aussi la version Promenade Sonore, veulent mettre en évidence l’importance de connaître les textures, les rythmes et les saveurs du monde que nous avons inventé et […]


Belvédère Sonore

January 6, 2021

Landscapes to listen, music to see, œuvres to reinvent. More than a guide with musical commentaries or a new cultural outreach experience, the Belvédères Sonores is an artistic re-creation. Stemming from a specific choice of public works of art that are fully-immersed in their natural décor and coupled with sounds expressly designed by local musicians, […]


Musica per la radio

June 14, 2019

A series of concerts conceived for the radio and transmitted exclusively on the radio 2020 12 July at 20h00: Marc Vernon 19 May at 20h30: Ma Fille 19 May at 20h00: Charo Calvo 7 Avril at 20h00: Caroline Profanter 15 February at 20h00: NuR 2019 18 June at 20h00: Tatum Rush 21 May at 20h00: […]


Mensa Sonora

February 11, 2018

Itinerant (Brussels, Nyon, Berlin) #Performance#Conference#Radio#Sound#Food#Publication Mensa Sonora est un projet pluridisciplinaire qui mélange la performance, la musique et la bouffe. Le public est invité dans un espace qui brouille les formats. Les frontières entre la station radio, l’espace d’art et la cantine se mélangent afin de faire naître une quatrièmes dimension. Les artistes invitées: Jérémy […]

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Calle Record

October 15, 2014

Project for an interactive archive of street music Calle record is an online archive project that intends to develop, through a multimedia platform, the recording, documentation and accessibility of music played in public spaces The goal is to create the biggest possible archive of musical heritage. This information makes it possible to analyze the cultural […]


Free Music

October 15, 2008

Zonoff is also a tape music label specialized in unconventional music, sound poetry and artists’ “records”. Energies have been gathered here to give life to an independent, non-profit cultural enterprise: all revenues from sales are reinvested in future projects. One of the purposes of publications is to publish both archival and unpublished documents from artists […]