Calle Record Vol.1

By zonoff, July 23, 2016

Calle Record Vol.1

Compilation of music played on the streets of:
Paris, Madrid, Geneva, Bogota, Istanbul, Havana, NewYork, Athens, Nepal, Basel, Berlin, L’Escala.

Calle Record is particularly interested in the contexts in which these performances take place. The place of recording, its resonances, its contaminations with the sounds of everyday life (people, animals, mechanical, industrial and natural sounds) are a key factor. These elements often give life to new and unique compositions, sometimes accidentally, which can be surprisingly innovative and which above all contextualize the music in a specific geographical, political, social and historical moment.

Fieldrecording made by Jonathan Frigeri, Daniel Kemeny, Magda Walpoth, Sophie Maladie.

Length: 2 X 20′ min
10 copies
Street Music, Fieldrecording