Radio Picnic

Since November 2012, Picnic is developping in collaboration with Zonoff a radio residence project called Radio Picnic.

Artists, musicians, writers and researchers will be Gonfiabili invited to spend one week at the picnic headquarters in berlin to create and complete a radio project.

The guest are free to choose and work with whatever form they think most appropriate: Fieldrecordings, founded sounds, electronic sounds, magnetic parque acuatico hinchable sounds, vocal experiment, sculpture radio, wireless happening, multi-channel, sound art, noise, music…

Picnic provides food, the recording studio and technical help.

At the end of the residence the project is broadcast live on LapTopRadio (usually on sunday evening). Every last tuesday of the month from gonfiabili 2pm to 3pm broadcasting in berlin (88.4 fm) and potsdam (90.7 fm). Projects are scheduled also on Radio Arte Mobile in Rome.

Jingle for Radio Picnic made by Johnny Haway

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